I can’t wait and you shouldn’t

“The sooner I go to bed, the earlier I can wake up and it will be the next day” – my nine year old self repeating what my mother had told me when I was excited about Christmas on Christmas Eve

Hindsight is a great thing because now I think it was probably just that my mother wanted me to go to sleep but to my nine year old self it made sense. I’ve been known to skip a movie or two if it doesn’t start with action. I will admittedly read the end or synopsis of a book to know if it’s worth my time. To be totally honest, waiting for the good part feels like a waste of time to me and no one can has ever shown me the rulebook that we have to do it. As I’ve grown, my impatience has given rise to a new question – why are we waiting? 

are we there yet?

The typical question is “how long will it take?” and on most journeys in the backseat my brother would ask that. But I was more intrigued with the “why” – why are we going and why are we waiting? Stopping and starting meant something to me because in the midst of that time what if there was something else we needed to do? Something more important..

This isn’t the part where I tell you the wait that God has you in will one day be worth it. Everyone says that. I want to talk about how the wait is an illusion. An illusion that is deceptive and sometimes, a distraction. The wait is deceptive. The wait as you define it, might be your biggest distraction yet.

what on earth are you waiting for? 

When people describe the wait they are usually talking about the moment where you’re remaining patient as you finally arrive at your answered prayer. And though one prayer no longer requires you to wait anymore, aren’t we then always waiting for the next one? It’s an endless cycle. In fact, I don’t believe the cycle even exists. 

Today can’t be sufficient if tomorrow is where I’ll find everything I’m waiting for. What if the “AHA” or the “I prayed for this” moments are in the everyday and we’re waiting for this designated day to celebrate what God does all the time?

What if us humans orchestrated this whole waiting thing to make us feel comfortable with the grass appearing greener in someone else’s garden, and us having to wait for the flowers they have?

What if God has no favourites and therefore the timing has nothing to do with needing to wait and more about differing assignments?

what if the wait is your excuse for being lazy?

I watch as the wait gives way for the excuses of procrastination and laziness in my own life and others around me. I love the saying “what if you’re waiting on God and He’s waiting on you”. It’s true. You’re sitting there in line and God’s like “I waste no day get it up and seize it“. Waiting keeps us waiting and not living.

spoiler alert – you’ve already won the prize!

I don’t think you should just do anything but you should be doing something. Each day we should wake up asking God what does obeying you today look like? At times, it will be small steps and other times, it will be leaps and bounds out of your comfort zone. But each day God’s not like “wait until the day of 22nd August and then I’ll tell you the next thing to wait for”. You don’t wait until He gives you the prize for your existence. He is the prize. You needed a Saviour and you got Jesus. There’s nothing coming that is better than that and anything else He does is like the icing on the cake. 

sometimes, obeying looks like waiting 

Sometimes we (us Christians) deem waiting as being proof of being a better Christian and we (us again) condemn the impatient – “you just have to wait”, we say from our super high horses as if waiting for that thing they want is all there is to life. And yet, I think there’s an art to doing both. If the impatient didn’t exist, the waiters would do nothing. And if the waiters didn’t exist, the impatient would work with no sense of direction. Waiting allows for God to speak and direct but work allows us to walk out what we say we believe in. Waiting doesn’t have to be measured in weeks or years. It’s better to be discerning and obedient.

the obedient ones
Your life is not measured by your waiting but your love for God is the sum of your obeying (John 14:15).

The obedient are those who know what to do at each time and that’s not always waiting in line. Faith requires works too. The paralysed man’s friends broke through a roof to get to Jesus when they could’ve waited outside of the door. The woman who touched his hem could’ve waited on the sidelines but she wanted her healing. Jesus could’ve even waited until the end of the sabbath but instead he chose to perform the miracle. The difference in their stories isn’t that they were rebellious but in fact, they were discerning and daring. Just being rebellious and not discerning will cause you to be like Abram and Sara and birth Ishmael – in their case, they should’ve waited for Isaac. Their impatience had more to do with a lack of faith than obedience to a word.

The real question is who asked you to wait? If it is God, wait. Forget this whole post. I won’t be held liable for disobedience.

But please don’t speak for God. Ask Him what waiting looks like. It isn’t synonymous with inaction and trust me, we have a lot more to do than wait on one thing. There’s a whole kingdom at hand.

Why are you waiting?

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